Pulau Ubin Series – ‘The Ultimate Explorer’


Shu Ting Chong

- December 17, 2020

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Patience, Courage, Optimism and Idealism – qualities that Sir Ernest Shackleton (A polar explorer that led 4 Antarctica expeditions) believes that all explorers possess.


Challenge yourself and push beyond your limits as you uncover the 16 hidden gems of the island in a day (yes, the island is more than just an OBS campsite!).


1) Explore Different Ecosystems at Chek Jawa

Situated in the south-eastern part of Pulau Ubin, stroll along the 1 km boardwalk, pick either of the 2 trails (Coastal Loop and Mangrove Loop) and immerse yourself in one of Singapore’s richest ecosystems.


#WalkalongTip: Nature enthusiasts, opt for the Mangrove Loop to get close and personal with the wildlife!

Spot the mudskipper!

Do refer to the 2021 Tide Table before heading there to make the most out of your trip.


Distance from Ubin Jetty: 3.6 km

Telephone Number: 6542 4108

#WalkalongTip:  Learn all about Chek Jawa with our certified tour guide here!

2) Worshipping at Shrines & Temples

Similar to mainland Singapore, shrines and temples can be found all over Pulau Ubin dedicated to the various religions that were living here.


German Girl Shrine

Visit the more well-known shrine on the island, built by the locals to honour the memory of a girl who fell off a cliff while fleeing from the British army during World War I.

Location: Within Ketam Mountain Bike Park

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 2.8 km


Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple

Prior to Covid-19, it is a common sight to see Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple bursting with celebrations during the annual Tua Pek Kong festival. Just the architecture itself makes it a place worth checking out!


Location: 46 Changi Point – Pulau Ubin, Singapore 508422

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 210 m

Telephone Number: 6543 2991


Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple

Located near Jelutong Bridge, Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple houses shrines for several gods such as Chinese Buddhas, Hindu gods and Datuk Gong Hillside Spirits.


Location: 224J Jalan Endut Senin, Singapore 508346

Telephone Number: 6542 6541

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.8 km


Na Du Gong Shrine

Stay away from the norm by visiting the lesser-known shrine on the island, dedicated to the gods of the Chinese, Malay and Indian.


Location: 138B Jalan Endut Senin, Singapore 508336

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.9 km


3) Take Instagram-worthy Shots at Quarries

Fishing and swimming are not allowed!


Pekan Quarry

Calling all bird lovers! Whip out your binoculars to spot resident herons and a variety of bird species at this quarry. 

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 600 m


Balai Quarry

Snap some photos at one of the most picturesque spots in Pulau Ubin that used to be a former granite quarry located on the East side of the island.

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 2.5 km


Ketam Quarry

Make your way up to the Ketam Quarry viewpoint to reward yourself with a magnificent view and take in some fresh air after sweating it out at the Ketam Mountain Bike Park.


Distance from Ubin Jetty: 2.9 km


4) Cycle at the Ketam Mountain Bike Park

Test your limits at Singapore’s first 10 km mountain bike trail (that meets international standards). Beginners? Don’t worry! With 3 cycling trails (Blue Square for beginners, Black Diamond for intermediates and Double Black Diamond for experts), there is definitely something for everyone.

Source: NParks

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 3.7 km


#WalkalongTip:  Bring a buddy along as these trails are not for amateurs!


5) Grab A Coconut at Ah Ma’s Drink Store

As though transported back to the 1960s, Ah Ma’s Drink Store brings back the nostalgic feelings of the olden days. Pop by and say hi to Ah Ma during the weekends while quenching your thirst with a refreshing coconut!


Location: 218G, Pulau Ubin, Singapore 508363

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.4 km

Cost: $4.50 per coconut, price varies for other drinks

Operating hours: 9am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday

Telephone Number: 9346 7438


6) Go Mangrove Kayaking

Tired of cycling? Go off-the-beaten-path and kayak through the mangroves! Suitable for beginners, get up close and personal to the wildlife while paddling in the calm waters.


Adventures By Asian Detours

Location: 34 Jalan Endut Senin, Singapore 508287 (a white house)

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 180 m

Cost: From $89/pax

Telephone Number: 6733 2282

Website: www.asiandetours.com

#WalkalongTip:  Be sure to pack a set of clothes as you’ll definitely get wet!


7) Go Fishing

 For angling enthusiasts, bring along your fishing rod and reel in some mangrove jacks and barramundis!


#WalkalongTip:  Fishing is not allowed in all quarries.


8) Immerse Yourself In a Butterfly Galore

Butterfly lovers, this is the place for you! With over 140 species, It is said that a rare species of butterfly – Dwarf Cow and a newly discovered species – Swamp Tiger Butterfly can be seen flying around here.

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 400 m


9) Hike The Puaka Hill

Lather a generous amount of mosquito repellent and embark on a hike up the 74m high Puaka Hill to get a bird’s eye view of Pulau Ubin. If 74 m is too strenuous, don’t worry as there is a lower viewpoint (5-minute climb) that too serves a breathtaking view of the quarry!

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.8 km

#WalkalongTip:  This is the perfect spot to catch the sunset on the island!


10) Quench Your Thirst at Pak Ahmad’s Drink Stall

Owned by one of the most pioneer residents in Pulau Ubin, the stall is almost impossible to miss with its eye-catching banners. As they do not have fixed operating days, try your luck while en route to Chek Jawa!


Location: 488 Jalan Ubin

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.4 km

Operating Hours: No fixed operating days


11) Experience The Kampong Life at Teck Seng’s Place

Beautifully painted in blue and yellow on the exterior topped with traditional Chinese lanterns, immerse yourself in a nostalgic kampong experience upon entering Teck Seng’s Place. 


Location: 363B Jalan Ubin

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 650 m

Operating Hours: 10am-2pm, every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month and public holidays


12) Get A Bird’s Eye View of The Tree Canopy at the Jejawi Tower

 Spanning across 7 stories (20 m) high, have a change of scenery while exploring Chek Jawa by making your way up the Jejawi Tower for a majestic view of the coastline and tree canopy.

Jejawi Tower

Location: Along Mangrove Boardwalk

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 3.5 km


13) Transport Back to The 1930s in House No. 1

A Tudor-style house built in the 1930s by the British, what is unique about this place is the honeycomb-shaped tiles, black timber frames and a working fireplace. Head down to Pulau Ubin to see it for yourself and be sure to snap more pictures!


Location: House No. 1, Pulau Ubin, Singapore (Entrance of Chek Jawa)

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 3.5 km


14) Learn About Tropical Fruits at the Ubin Fruit Orchard

If you’re searching for a suitable place to learn about tropical fruits, Ubin Fruit Orchard is the place to go. With 350 different types of fruit trees lined along a circular dirt path, you can stroll along the path while observing the trees up close.


Location: Along Jalan Ubin (Near Teck Seng’s Place)

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.1 km


15) Go On A Nature Walk Along The Sensory Trail

Did you know that The Sensory Trail was initially developed for the visually impaired to experience Pulau Ubin using their senses of smell and touch? Spanning across 1.5 km, it comes with many surprise offerings such as a pineapple garden, together with several crops that the locals used to plant. Set aside some time to experience the ‘backyard’ of Pulau Ubin.


Distance from Ubin Jetty: 300 m


16) Snap A Picture With ‘Y U So Like That!’ Drinks Stall Mural

Zhng your Instagram feed with this quirky mural on your way to the Ketam Mountain Bike Park before getting a drink from the friendly store owner to freshen yourself up.


Location: 79-209 Jalan Endut Senin

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 2 km


Now is the perfect time to rediscover our island home. Reward yourself with a fun-filled day at Pulau Ubin and spark the explorer within you!


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