Pulau Ubin Series – ‘The Biker’


Shu Ting Chong

- December 28, 2020

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Cycle to your heart’s content along the Western side of Pulau Ubin on your favourite bike 

while riding past these 9 landmarks on this ‘Bike Island’! Short of time? Head straight to the 

Ketam Mountain Bike Park to test your limits. 


1) Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple

Prior to Covid-19, it is a common sight to see Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple bursting with celebrations during the annual Tua Pek Kong festival. Just the architecture itself makes it a place worth checking out! 


Location: 46 Changi Point – Pulau Ubin, Singapore 508422 

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 210 m 

Telephone Number: 6543 2991 


2) Pekan Quarry

A must-visit place for bird lovers, whip out your binoculars to spot resident herons and a variety of bird species at this quarry.   

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 600 m 


3) Grab A Coconut at Ah Ma’s Drink Store

As though transported back to the 1960s, Ah Ma’s Drink Store brings back the nostalgic feelings of the olden days. Pop by and say hi to Ah Ma during the weekends while quenching your thirst with a refreshing coconut! 


Location: 218G, Pulau Ubin, Singapore 508363 

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.4 km 

Cost: $4.50 per coconut, price varies for other drinks 

Operating hours: 9am-5pm, Saturday & Sunday 

Telephone Number: 9346 7438 


4) Hike The Puaka Hill

Lather a generous amount of mosquito repellent and embark on a hike up the 74m high Puaka Hill to get a bird’s eye view of Pulau Ubin. If 74 m is too strenuous, don’t worry as there is a lower viewpoint (5-minute climb) that too serves a breathtaking view of the quarry! 

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.8 km 

 #WalkalongTip:  This is the perfect spot to catch the sunset on the island!


5) Na Du Gong Shrine

 Stay away from the norm by visiting the lesser-known shrine on the island, dedicated to the gods of the Chinese, Malay and Indian 


Location: 138B Jalan Endut Senin, Singapore 508336 

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.9 km 


6) Snap A Picture With ‘Y U So Like That!’ Drinks Stall Mural

Zhng your Instagram feed with this quirky mural on your way to the Ketam Mountain Bike Park before getting a drink from the friendly store owner to freshen yourself up! 


Location: 79-209 Jalan Endut Senin 

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 2 km 


7) German Girl Shrine

Visit the more well-known shrine on the island, built by the locals to honour the memory of a girl who fell off a cliff while fleeing from the British army during World War I. 

Location: Within Ketam Mountain Bike Park 

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 2.8 km 


8) Ketam Quarry

Make your way up to the Ketam Quarry viewpoint to reward yourself with a magnificent view and take in some fresh air after sweating it out at the Ketam Mountain Bike Park. 

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 2.9 km  


9) Cycle at the Ketam Mountain Bike Park

 Test your limits at Singapore’s first 10 km mountain bike trail (that meets international standards). Beginners? Don’t worry! With 3 cycling trails (Blue Square for beginners, Black Diamond for intermediates and Double Black Diamond for experts), there is definitely something for everyone.  

Source: NParks

 Distance from Ubin Jetty: 3.7 km 

 #WalkalongTip:  Bring a buddy along as these trails are not for amateurs! 


Probably the best way to travel around Pulau Ubin, grab a bottle of water and be prepared to spend 4-5 hours cycling around Singapore’s second biggest island! 


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