Pulau Ubin Series – ‘The Adventurer’


Shu Ting Chong

- December 21, 2020

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Love the feeling of adrenaline rush? This is the page for you! Ignite the fire within you and participate in these 8 activities. Do not miss out Chek Jawa, the special land where six of the biggest habitats intermingle.


1) Get Up Close And Personal With The Wildlife At Chek Jawa

Embark on an adventure along the south-eastern part of Pulau Ubin as you take a 1 km walk on the wild side where 6 major habitats intermingle!


#WalkalongTip: Pick the Mangrove Loop for a more intimate experience with the nature.

Spot the mudskipper!

Do refer to the 2021 Tide Table before heading there to make the most out of your trip.


Distance from Ubin Jetty: 3.6 km

Telephone Number: 6542 4108


#WalkalongTip:  Learn all about Chek Jawa with our certified tour guide here!


2) Cycle at the Ketam Mountain Bike Park

Take up the challenge at the Ketam Mountain Bike Park! As Singapore’s first 10 km mountain bike trail (that meets international standards), it is bound to get your heart-racing (literally). Beginners? Don’t worry! With 3 cycling trails (Blue Square for beginners, Black Diamond for intermediates and Double Black Diamond for experts), there is definitely something for everyone.

Source: NParks

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 3.7 km

#WalkalongTip:  Bring a buddy along as these trails are not for amateurs!


3) Go Mangrove Kayaking

Uncover the hidden side of Pulau Ubin on a kayaking expedition through the beautiful mangroves!

Adventures By Asian Detours

Location: 34 Jalan Endut Senin, Singapore 508287 (a white house)

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 180 m

Cost: From $89/pax

Telephone Number: 6733 2282

Website: www.asiandetours.com

#WalkalongTip:  Be sure to pack a set of clothes as you’ll definitely get wet!


4) Go Fishing

For angling enthusiasts, bring along your fishing rod and reel in some mangrove jacks and barramundis!


#WalkalongTip:  Fishing is not allowed in all quarries.


5) Immerse Yourself In a Butterfly Galore

Go on a butterfly adventure as you spot rare butterflies – Dwarf Cow and a newly discovered Swamp Tiger Butterfly among the 140 species.

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 400 m


6) Hike The Puaka Hill

Put on your best pair of hiking shoes as you hike up the 74m high Puaka Hill to get a bird’s eye view of Pulau Ubin. If 74 m is too strenuous, don’t worry as there is a lower viewpoint (5-minute climb) that too serves a breathtaking view of the quarry!

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.8 km

#WalkalongTip:  This is the perfect spot to catch the sunset on the island!


7) Learn About Tropical Fruits at the Ubin Fruit Orchard

Loves rojak? No, you can’t find it here but the essential ingredient – breadfruit, is one of the less commonly known fruit trees planted in the Ubin Fruit Orchard. With 350 different types of fruit trees lined along a circular dirt path, take a  stroll along the path as you observe the trees up close.


Location: Along Jalan Ubin (Near Teck Seng’s Place)

Distance from Ubin Jetty: 1.1 km


8) Go On A Nature Walk Along The Sensory Trail

Did you know that The Sensory Trail was initially developed for the visually impaired to experience Pulau Ubin using their senses of smell and touch? Spanning across 1.5 km, it comes with many surprise offerings such as a pineapple garden, together with several crops that the locals used to plant. Set aside some time to experience the ‘backyard’ of Pulau Ubin.


Distance from Ubin Jetty: 300 m


A trip to Pulau Ubin is nothing short of an adventure with a diversity of activities, from boating to hiking. Jio a friend or two and be prepared to have a whale of a time!


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