Hidden Cities: Salzburg, Austria – The Birthplace Of A Musical Genius


Angel Liew

- February 25, 2022

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Hidden Cities: Salzburg, Austria – Mozart’s Birthplace

Located in Northwest Austria, Salzburg is a famous city known as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The name Salzburg comes from a long history of the salt trade and gold mining. It is one of the best-preserved cities with a history that dates back to the Middle Ages.

1. Mozart Square

Image credit: Salzburg Info

Visit the statue erected in honour of Mozart, one of the most famous composer of the Classical era. After snapping photos of the Mozart monument, grab a cup of coffee from cafes nearby as you go about your day. Or take a seat outdoors with coffee and cake to soak in the sights of the beautiful buildings.

2. Mozart’s Birthplace Museum – Mozart’s Geburtshaus

Image credit: Salzburg Info  

The Mozarts Geburtshaus is a must-visit attraction even if you’re not a classical music fan, the museum is one of the main attractions of Salzburg as it uncovers the life of Mozart from birth. Spot the famous yellow building from afar!

3. Shop Along Getreidegasse

Image credit: afar

After visiting the museum, stroll along Salzburg’s Old Town where there are old fashioned signs hanging from the walls as signboards. Buy local souvenirs as you admire the street light ups. Take photos of this dazzling street to update your IG feed!

4. Visit An Abbey – St. Peter’s Abbey

Image credit: Religiana 

Do not judge a book by its cover. The outside of St. Peters Church might look dull but be prepared to be wowed by the interior as the walls and ceilings are decorated in biblical scenes and gold ornaments. Stretch your neck before entering as you’re sure to be looking up the entire time, taking in the majestic paintings within the church.

Every inch of this city has a piece of Mozart’s touch in history as he premiered his famous orchestra Mass in C Minor with his wife who sang alongside him.

5. Explore a 900-year-old Fortress – Fortress Hohensalzburg

Image credit: joTraveling 

Sitting atop the city of Salzburg is the largest preserved medieval castle in Europe. Built in 1077, several Archbishops lived there until World War I when it was used as a prison. Later on, German artist Arno Lehmann lived there until 1973.

Currently, it is transformed into a museum. Visitors can venture into the luxurious chambers to look at how the Archbishops lived. Hop on a funicular and enjoy an aerial view of Salzburg city on the way up to the castle.

Now that you’re interested in Salzburg, let us bring you there at your convenience. Reach out now! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on our tours and blogs. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on children’s education and activities!

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