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Shu Ting Chong

- February 22, 2022

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Thinking about grocery shopping with your children? ‘Chaotic’, ‘Exhausting‘ and ‘Torturous‘ might be some words that come to mind. But did you know that it can be a wonderful learning experience for them?


Here are some reasons why you should grocery shop with your kids, followed by tips and tricks to keep them engaged through check out. Read till the end for a printable grocery list for your little one to carry along to the supermarket!

1. Hands-On Education In Nutrition

Begin by discussing the nutrients of the foods as you put them into your cart. Get the ball rolling by educating them about the benefits of eating “rainbows” as seen below!

2. Sharpen Social Skills

Simple non-verbal communication such as eye contact and a simple ‘Hello’ or ‘Excuse me’ can hone social skills greatly. Especially in this pandemic where children are usually cooped up at home, going on a simple grocery trip can help to build their confidence and social intelligence while spending less time on digital devices.

3. Develop Language And Literacy Skills

Train your children by allowing them to lead the way to find the item by reading the aisle signs. Gradually, they will be familiar and comfortable with your neighbourhood grocery store!

4. Learn About The Significance Of Money

Teach your child to be selective of their purchases and develop good spending and saving habits. Once they grow older, allow them to hand the money to the cashier and ensure that the correct amount of change is received. Nothing beats hands-on experience!


1. Involve Your Children In Planning

Kids love to be a part of anything and everything. Before heading to the store, plan the shopping list together and allow them to choose one item they wish to buy. This will keep them focused on the things they are supposed to get and not constantly ask to add things into the cart.

2. Expose Them To New Food

Let your little ones pick one new fruit or vegetable they wish to try in the store. Educate them on the nutritional value and benefits of each item and incorporate it into their meal. This will increase their interest in trying new food that they perhaps didn’t like in the past.

3. Give Your Child Tasks


Examples such as ‘Choose 4 apples’ and ‘Reach for your favourite pasta’ are some things you can ask your child to do. Allow them to help you get things off the shelf or put things in the shopping cart/trolley! Make them your special helper and give them instructions to hunt for the items.

Major Tip: Do Not Enter The Supermarket Hungry!

Yes, this applies to both you and your kid. A well-rested and fed child (and you) is more likely to be calm and not want to put everything you see into the cart. For little children, in particular, the liveliness of a supermarket might over stimulate them and lead to tantrums. 


Of course, every child is different in their own way. Keep in mind that reinforcing good behaviour paired with a positive attitude is critical in handling tantrums. You’ve got this, mamas and papas!


Print out this grocery list for your little one and let’s get going! 


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